Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marine Bonanza

SEI has announced grants of 26 million euro for 10 Irish marine and tidal companies to help them develop the technology to make this a viable energy form. SEI has clearly nailed its colours to the mast in relation to supporting this as a development industry.

The support for marine is vital and is very welcome. It is only questionable that this seems to be the only sector that is receiving significant R & D funding. It seems to be accepting that Ireland has lost the race to develop R& D capabilities in Wind energy. Ireland is rapidly gearing up in this area and we can be a real player not only in energy supply but also in service and technological development.

Our goal of building the world's leading tidal and marine companies should be supported in any way possible, but it should be one pillar of a renewables policy which seeks to make Ireland the green centre of Europe.

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