Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Construct Ireland

Not always in agreement with Construct Ireland's analysis, after all they are experts and I'm only a bar stooler, but this is a really good article on the folly of Bord Snip cuts on energy saving.

In return for shamelessly lifting the link, I should point out that their fine magazine is now available in all good newsagents. By direct implication if your newsagent doesnt have it it is therefore less than good and you should not shop their. If they are that slip shod about magazine procurement they may also not wash their hands before making your breakfast roll - not the kind of thing you want as a pandemic is about to kick off.

I kid I kid.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Green Ireland? Magazine

Not quite sure is it Green? Ireland or Green Ireland? Anyway fair play to the various people at Green Ireland magazine for putting together what is a really good publication. I'm sure it's available from all good newsagents, I got mine in the local Costcutter.

It's a brave step launching anything new in a downturn so fair play to one and all. Content wise there is plenty of environmental angles covered including a very good piece on green government and whether we can afford green policy in a downturn.

Without meaning to sound like an ad, it costs less than a fiver and is definitely worth trying.

Best of luck for issue two.

Mail on the attack

The Daily Mail ran a piece yesterday on the 'dangers posed by living close to windfarms.' They cite a new American study which argues that the infrasonic to ultrasonic noise and vibrations emitted by wind turbines can cause an array of symptoms including tinnitus, vertigo and sleep deprivation. In fairness to the Mail they do (half way into the piece) describe the sample size of the study - 38 people, and indicate that the majority of scientists believe that there is no danger posed by wind turbines.

Im sure we will see more of this study referenced in the future.