Saturday, October 10, 2009

Green Economy Provisions in Prog for Govt Mk 2

The Green Economy
A key pillar of economic policy will be to implement a Green New Deal to move away from fossil-fuel based energy production through investment in renewable energy and increased energy efficiency to reduce demand, wastage and costs.
We will put in place new public procurement procedures and guidelines to ensure that green criteria are at the centre of all state procurement.
We will revise our Capital Investment Programme to take into account new budget realities and the need to deliver a Smart Economy and to meet our mandatory climate change emissions reduction targets.
We will prioritise research and technologies that offer strong development opportunities in the area of water management, leaks, measurement, metres etc.
We will extend our system of Accelerated Capital Allowances to develop the Green Economy into areas such as renewables, waste disposal and water usage.
We will work with the ESB and international motor companies to see a deployment of some 6,000 electric vehicles over the next three years.
We will implement the GRID 25 electricity grid plan to ensure we deliver on our ambitious renewable energy targets.
We will present a plan for a high voltage off-shore electricity grid as part of the wider European electricity ‘Supergrid’ so that in the future we can become an energy-exporting nation.
We will select a “Smart Town” test site of at least 1,000 homes for energy companies to test new smart grid and other energy efficient applications.
We will transfer foreshore licensing to the Department of the Environment and integrate it with the planning system to assist the development of our ocean energy resources.
We will introduce new energy demand reduction targets for energy utilities, thus allowing the customer to “save as they pay” through energy efficient measures.
We will facilitate the establishment of energy research and technology centres by international institutions in Ireland.

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